The existence of superstores to the small shop

The Existence of Superstores to Small Shop .

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We all know that the existence of superstore to the small shop has a strong influence.
So, there are pros and cons associated with this giant store. In fact, the inclusion of a superstore into a region can create many employment opportunities. Especially, for those who just graduated high school and also the general public who desperately need a job to survive.

To be honest, life without supermarkets would not be better. A few years ago, by the time you had walked up and down the high street, visited a number of shops, queuing up at the counter, then checkout. And outlets only opened, nine to five. Today, the supermarket provides an online shopping service.

pros and cons of superstores

Everyone agrees that unemployment needs immediate solutions. In this case, the emergence of the superstores is very helpful in improving people’s welfare.

It is important to remember that supermarkets are taking part in a number of initiatives to help local shops trade and also create jobs. As an example, those who do not work initially can get a job at the superstores. Thus, the unemployment rate can be significantly reduced.

On job creation, here are the latest figures, the grocery sector employs 790,000 and has created 170,000 new jobs.

Superstores created jobs

Superstores offer ease of shopping for customers. Located in a building or mall. Thus, customers are not exposed to direct sunlight. In terms of price, superstores have also determined the price. So no longer need to bid for goods.

Being in a comfortable place, regulated goods, including air-conditioned, make customers prefer shopping at the superstores.

Consumers, who end up choosing where to shop. And if the supermarket is chosen over and above the local store, that is the nature of competition.

Superstores help people to find jobs

Giant stores, apparently feared could close a small market opportunity.

Some people say that small markets will go bankrupt because they cannot compete with big markets.

Actually, retailers are not the cause of social exclusion. They can also be part of the solution.

Supermarkets do it, where they can. Work with small local suppliers. But, these suppliers must comply with all legislation. In fact, in many parts of the country, supermarkets provide a display-space for products supplied by local food groups. Finally, consumers can shop locally.

If we look at one side, we may find there are some shortcomings of the small shop. But remember, they also play an important role in the economy.

Most local people still trade traditionally. So, we need to support the local community by ensuring local retail survival, without exploiting consumer spending outside the city.

The existence of superstores and markets

Overall, I personally support the existence of superstores. In addition to creating jobs, superstores also reduce the unemployment rate.

The more prosperous the country, the lower the crime rate. And of course, small markets should also be considered.

There are people who also need jobs through this traditional trade. Thus, the municipal task governs the existence of both markets. They have to cope together – government, consumers, producers, and retailers, large and small. Thus, the local economy will always be sustainable.

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