NÖrdlingen, a city of 72k diamonds

Nördlingen, a City of 72k Diamonds.

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Germany has a very famous city in the world. The city is named Nördlingen, a city of 72k diamonds. This beautiful city is built on a crater meteor, diamond-lined.

You probably will not always see a number of big diamonds in the Bavarian town of Nördlingen. But believe me, there are about 72,000 tons of microscopic diamonds that are covered by buildings that stand on it.

How did the story begin, then? Well, 15 years ago, there was a meteor crashing into town. Until this time, this round meteor-shape still visible. This asteroid falls to earth at a speed of 25 km per second, with length 1 km and make a whole area of 26 km.

Nordlingen Germany city of diamonds

Although there are many beautiful buildings that stand on it, you can still see clearly this round meteor-shape from the height of the hill. Asteroids are knocked to the earth, providing tremendous heat and pressure to the ground. As a result, the carbon bubbles that are on the ground turn into diamond chips!

This strange diamond phenomenon was accidentally placed there. It is a pure work of nature. That is why Nördlingen is called a special-luxury city.

Diamond pieces in Nördlingen city

In an interview with The Smithsonian, Gisela Pösges, geologist and deputy director of The Ries Crater Museum said.

“We assume that the asteroid is stone-shaped and weighs about three billion tons.

Pösges assess the asteroid was deliberately adorning the small-town that looks luxurious. While locals, Roswitha Feil also added that everything in the city wall is made of rock asteroids.

In 1906, local people thought that once the city was built on an extinct cauldron of fire. That time, no one thought there would be diamonds there. Shortly thereafter, American Geologist Shoemaker and Chao came for the first time to the town of Nördlingen.

Both of these experts eventually made connections to the asteroids. Although it took about 10 years of research, they finally found that there were about 72,000 tons of diamonds in the asteroid debris. This diamond is created by nature, they believed.

Right now, many tourists come to visit Nördlingen city. They want to see a city where the building was built with diamond chips. On the contrary, the local people consider it as a common thing. They walked every day and slept on diamond rugs. In general, they live and work surrounded by diamonds.

Nödlingen houses made of diamonds

Nördlingen Germany 72k diamonds

The buildings are made of these diamonds Suive, it can also be found in other cities in Germany, such as Berlin and Munich.

Both these beautiful cities also have similar diamonds. And of course, not as much as diamonds in Nördlingen city.

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