Ten secrets to a successful marriage

10 Secret Keys to Success in Marriage.

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Before we talk about 10 secret keys to success in marriage, let’s we think about what the marriage really is. Marriage is a symbol of love.

They are committed, a family, and living together in all situations. But sometimes is just easier to express it. In actual marriage, there will be disputes, disagreements and so on.

Many couples survive in rolling waves, and eventually, they succeed together until they get older. But there are also couples that easily give up in the middle. And finally, they chose to divorce. If this happens, the children will be the victims.

Couple Fighting

Marriage is something simple but requires maturity in living it. When you argue, one must be more patient and suppress the ego. Solutions will not be achieved if both sides are as rough and hot as fire.

Patience needs to be maintained, especially for those who already have children. The more patient you and your partner are, the longer your marriage will be built.

Here are 10 secret keys for you and your partner to succeed in marriage life.

1. Understanding

The key to success of a relationship is a mutual understanding. You must be able to accept each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Nobody is perfect in this world. Being able to understand and appreciate each other is the success of a lasting relationship.

2. Fight Professionally

Somewhat strange as it sounds, because the fighting pair is usually in a state of boiling and uncontrollable emotion. But avoid harsh words that can trigger anger, even deeper.

You may argue, but wisely. Do not raise your voice or point your partner. Try to get used to the word ‘us’ instead of ‘me’. Because the word of ‘ourselves’ has the impression of togetherness.

3. Forgive Each Other

No one in this world is righteous and innocent. After the fight, you and your partner must forgive each other. Do not hold a grudge.

Try to forget the hurt you may feel. Let’s just say it’s a joke.

4. Quality Time

You and your partner should be together in your daily activities. Like working out together, having a romantic dinner at a weekend restaurant, going to the movies, and participating in the same social environment.

So, you and your spouse will spend time together, both friendship and social organization.

5. Never Stop Dating

After marriage does not mean that you lose your romantic moment. Even, your love must be pointed more deeply.

Like hugging your partner often, smiling, saying nice words and praise him/her, buying flowers or many other small things you can do. The important thing is to say that I love you all the time, every day.

A picture of a man kissing a woman on a date

6. Be a Good Listener

Listen to what your spouse is saying. There may be problems at the office, complaining about co-workers, office politics or whatever.

Provide feedback and positive suggestions. If you can be a good listener, then you become his/her best friend.

7. Firmly Committed

In marriage, you must be firm in one sense: commitment. Limit your feelings with interest in seeing someone new.

Remember, you already have a partner and will be loyal to him/her for life.

8. Make Your Partner Happy

Your marriage relationship will be happier if you and your partner take the initiative to be nice to each other.

Do small things like surprise your partner’s birthday, buy a vacation ticket, buy a new bag for your wife, or new shoes for your husband and many other things you can do.

9. Think 60/40

Many people get married with 50/50 considerations. That is, if they give 50 then they will receive 50 as well. But if you want your wedding to last, think about 60/40.

That means you give 60 and only receive 40. If you and your partner do this to each other, it is certain, your marriage will last longer and be happy.

10. Think Positive and Be Productive

You and your spouse must support each other in your career, study, or business. Giving support will make both of you grow into a productive and positive-minded person.

If you do this together, you and your spouse will not only live happily. But also get rich.

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