The Australiant parliament legalizes same-sex marriage

The Australian Parliament Legalizes Same-Marriage.

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The Australian Parliament has legalized same-sex marriages after historic Laws have been passed in the senate legislature. This news was greeted by a folk party.

Many supporters of the gay community, gathered in the courtyard outside the parliament building. They include prominent leading marriage advocates, including former Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe and local comedian Magda Szubanski.

Australia same-sex marriage

Autralia same-sex marriage couple

More than 100 MPs have talked about same-sex marriage laws. They also tell their personal stories and explain why they support the legalization of same-sex marriages in Australia.

Voting was done in parliament and greeted by the excitement of the Australian celebrations. They clapped, cheered, and sang a song. The voting results have legalized same-sex marriages in Australia.

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