Major fire in forest's California

A Major Fire Broke Out in Southern California.

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On Thursday, a major fire broke out in Southern California, after earlier, five other major fires also occurred there. So far, there are about 141,000 forests burning in six major fires in a row in Southern California.

In a recent big fire, two people were burned in a new hot spot, known as Lilac Fire, which is about 45 miles north of San Diego.

Fire houses cars in California

Forest's fire in California

A total of 20 buildings were destroyed. The fire also entered a residential neighborhood and had burned houses and cars in California. Meanwhile, Thomas-Fire, a four-day fire also burned 115,000 hectares of forest, destroyed 439 buildings, and destroyed 85 others.

At least, there are about 190,000 residents have been evacuated, and encourage 110.00 Californians to move out of their homes. This great fire may be caused by dry weather and strong winds, with gusts estimated to reach category 1 of the storm force from the mountains.

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