Smart bag with LI-Ion baterry causes a fire

Smart Bag with Li-Ion Battery Causes a Fire.

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Smart bags with Li-ion batteries are becoming popular in the market. However, lithium-ion batteries found in smart bags are thought to cause a fire.

Dozens of reports indicate Li-ion batteries found in electronic goods (such as the Samsung Galaxy 7 smartphone record) can explode and burn because the heat is too high. So the Li-ion battery contained in the electronic goods may no longer be safe for continuous use.

li-ion smart bag

Smart bag with Li-ion battery

Airlines including American, Delta, and Alaska have announced restrictions on so-called smart luggage because the lithium-ion batteries found in many of these suitcases pose a fire risk.

Beginning January, 15, customers who traveled with a smart bag should be able to remove the battery. If the battery cannot be removed, the bag will not be allowed on board. The new regulations are designed to avoid fire during flight, which may come from cargo. So, the safety during the flight can be guaranteed.

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