Indonesia Allocates US$1 Million to Clean Up The Sea.

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Based on reports, a lot of plastic waste has emerged in the Indonesian sea. This awakened the Indonesian government to allocate US$ 1 Million to clean up the sea.

According to research, in 2025 for every 3 tons of fish, there will be 1 ton of plastic waste in the sea. This amount is very large and will certainly have a negative impact both on the ecological roles and also on the economic side.

Indonesia National Action Plan

Since the terrifying and shocking news of the discovery of 30 plastic garbage bags found in caviar whales in the Norwegian Sea, the Indonesian government began to think that the waste matter at sea is a very serious thing about the ecosystem. If this is not resolved, waste will damage the ocean and poison the fish.

The Indonesian government has announced a National Plastic Waste Disposal Plan in the Oceans of up to 70 percent in the next 8 years and has allocated about US$ 1 Million for this ecological plan.

Ecological system to clean up the sea

The draft National Action Plan will include activities such as reducing plastic waste, handling plastic waste in Indonesian marine areas, increasing research and creating innovations on plastic waste, as well as law enforcement of waste at sea (reward and punishment).

Author: Dina Belia

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