A woman was Beaten by Her Husband for Cigarettes.

A woman was Beaten by Her Husband for Cigarettes.

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Gusti Ayu Maryani (26) a woman who was beaten by her husband Ismail Marzuki (27) until she was battered just because she did not want to buy cigarettes for him.

“We were sitting in the living room and I was shouting at my wife to buy me a cigarette, then she shouted at me back and said angrily that she had no money, so I was mad at her, then I could not control myself not to beat her,” Ismail explained to the police when they arrested him in Kemuning, Palembang police station.

Maryani dihajar suaminya karena rokok

Domestic violent in community

After being badly beaten, Maryani eventually reported to the police officer about the case of domestic violence that her husband had committed.

She complains about her husband and explains that she almost died after being brutally beaten. She thought that her husband was crazy and uncontrollable. Without a word, the police immediately arrested him (the suspect) for accountability. Nowadays, cases of domestic violence often occur in the community. Especially just because of trivial issues like cigarettes.

Honestly, I still do not understand what kind of world we live in. Many people commit crimes for silly things. I think it would be better if people could think more mature and under control. So the level of violence and crime can be reduced.

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