Women Who Steal (Husband) Becomes Worse.

Women Who Steal (a Husband) Becomes Worse.

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The phrase of women who steal another female’s husband (WSH) is very popular and becomes a trending topic on social media. Many people talk about this worse topic.

Unfortunately, the type of woman who is often referred to as a thief is getting worse and shameless. They have no empathy or guilt for hurting other women for their own sake. Meanwhile, another group of women called wives often felt insecure and finally doubted her husband. They are afraid that their husbands will be stolen by the thief.

As a story which is uploaded to a Facebook account named Cheechee Purple, which is then redistributed to Instagram account @ Mimi.Perrin,  Monday (11/12/2017).

FB account of wife's

Cheater relationship

The story begins when the wife (as a victim) receives a hot video sent to her mobile. In the video, she saw another woman (a thief) enjoying sleeping next to her husband. The woman hugged and kissed her husband aggressively as if she was going to eat him. Intentionally, she sent that nasty video about them to the man’s wife. What a shameless!

As reported, when receiving the video, the wife was pregnant with her husband’s third child. Quickly, many sadistic comments from Netizens began appearing one by one on her (a thief) social media account.

In today’s life, the moral crisis affects our society. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not feel guilty or even feel ashamed of hurting others for their own happiness. People like this will never think of other people sadness and pain as long as their life is happy and enjoyable. Just imagine if they were the victims, what would they do?

Author: Nadiayu


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