5 Places in The World Prone to Have Forest Fire.

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There are always some (which I’ll explain to 5) places in the world prone to have a forest fire (a.k.a Bushfire) creates enormous havoc to human and natural habitat. There is no one constant reason behind it. Fires could be triggered by various means from volcanic eruptions to human combustible waste.  Here are those top 5 places.

5). Victoria, Australia.

Australia Bush Fire

Rural areas of Victoria are prone to Forest fires as much of the country has both a hot, dry climate and plenty of vegetation to burn. All it takes to start a fire is ignition.

Victoria has gone through the majority of deadliest and largest bushfires that includes the 2009 Black Saturday fires, which killed  173 people and 2000 houses were destroyed.

4). Riau, Indonesia

Indonesia forest fire

Riau is often one of the hardest hit by the fires, due in part to its high concentration of peat land. According to Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency, There are around six to seven hotspots detected in Riau islands itself.

The usual reason for the fire was caused by high temperatures, which hit 34.5 degrees Celsius, and the rampant slash-and-burn practices.

3). Peloponnese, Greece

Greece forest fire

Greece has been struck by major forest fire 6 times since 2000.  During the 2007 summer, the country was hit by three consecutive heat waves (46°C) which, along with the strong winds and the low relative humidity (9%), resulted in forest fires breaking out.

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), Greece has experienced more wildfire activity during the summer of 2007 than other European countries have over the last decade (13).

The mountainous southern peninsula of Peloponnesus was the worst affected region: 1,477 fires broke out in the Peloponnese region, burning 10,196 km 2 of land, 6,633 km2 of which were protected forests and natural areas (14). The estimation of the cost of the damages for the 500,000 people affected was close to 3 billion euros according to European sources.

2). British Colombia, Canada

Forest fire canada

In 2017, BC forest fire has been the worst since six-decade. As per B.C Wildfire service report, 894,000 hectares were burned and 12,000 people were displaced by the catastrophe.

The fire caused in this region so far was mainly due to lightning. There are around 5 major fire incidents took place in the last 15 years. Usual vulnerable spots are Cariboo region, Spokin Lake, Soda Creek, and from Alexis Creek to Riskee Creek.

1). California, USA

carlifonia fire top 5

With over 10 major forest fire outbreak, millions of hectares destroyed and 973 people were killed in last 15 years, California ranks top on the list.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, 2017 fire outbreak was the most destructive one on record including five of the 20 most destructive wildland-urban interface fires in the state’s history.

Author: Varun Raj

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