Young Men for "Rent" in Tokyo.

Young Men for “Rent” in Tokyo.

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At first glance, First Dash Bar is just a normal bar. Customers laugh and drink, enjoy their time there. Secretly, young men can be rented in this Tokyo City bar.

This is a public secret; The first dash bar is more aimed at those who are homosexual (gay and lesbian). Customers in this bar are generally men who are ready to spend their money to rent young male waiters to entertain them.

First dash bar boy rent in Japan

When a customer enters, however, a row of eight fresh-faced young men who had previously been gathered around the bar counter glued to their smartphones suddenly rise to their feet and in unison bark out a well-rehearsed greeting: “Irasshaimase!” (Welcome)

“I consider myself as a kind of hedonist, I’ll do anything if it makes me feel good,” says Hiroshi, 18-year-old from Chiba who at 187 centimeters tall, is forced to stoop slightly as he makes his way across the floor of the cramped bar.

“The clients I have served are aged between around 30 and 65. Usually, they are masochists who want me to be, well, you know, that’s a common thing,” he added.

For over 35 years, men have visited the bar. One of about 400 gay residences in Shinjuku Ni-Chome – an unlimited Japanese gay hub – to purchase the services of hundreds of young men like Hiroshi.

Gay in Japan

There are some people who only want friends over dinner, but others want a whole lot more. They are ready to open a room in a hotel, even in some cases, there is also a rape action.

“There are guidelines as to what I’m required to do,” says Hiroshi, who entered the business for money, but partly in an effort to determine his sexual orientation.

” I’m willing to keep an open mind. I have no problem with gay people and don’t understand those who do. My sister is lesbian, and so is my aunt. I can tolerate enough anyone – except rorikon (adults are sexually attracted to children, pedophilia) I feel disgusted, he adds.

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