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A 12-year-old Girl Succeeds with Lip Balm Business.

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Her name is Cameron, a 12-year-old girl who has been successful with her lip balm business. Even though she’s just a little girl, she’s managed to become a kidpreneur.

Cameron claims that she knows very well the complicated process associated with making these lip balms. “I did a lot of research before doing this,” Cameron said, as reported by the Milwaukee WTMJ-TV page.

Initially, her aunt was the first to give her a lip balm-kit as her birthday present, it’s about several years ago. Gradually, Cameron started making her own lip balm product. And finally, she managed to market it.

Lip balm smooch Cameron

The project continues and they give the brand name “Smooch,” which has been used as its business name. “We have the scent of roses, honey, limes, rosemary, mint,” Cameron said.

“At that time, Cameron was only nine years old. Initially, this business is very simple, we just create a page on Facebook for marketing,” said Rachel Reed, Prescott’s mother. Rachel asserted, though now her daughter became self-employed, Cameron is just a child who deserves to enjoy playing like a normal child.

Cameron lip balm smooch

Now, the product “Smooch” has been sold in four stores in southeast Wisconsin. Each at Barn Owl, Delafield, then Cattywampus Design at Wauwatosa, Clear Waters Salon & Day Spa on Lake Geneva and Williams Bay. Lip balm made by Cameron has sold for US$ 3.50 each.

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