Advanced Technology, Future Smart Cars.

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If we talk about technological advances in the future, we’ll be amazed at how quickly the world develops. The future smart cars are much more advanced than today’s cars.

In the next ten years, all things are automatically facilitated by technology without human involvement. Future smart cars will use water fuel, electricity without batteries, biofuels, and even will also use nuclear power. Can you imagine how great our world will be?

In addition to fuel, the technology of smart car is also being created. At this time, we all know that GPS is the most advanced technology. Almost all electronic devices use GPS.

Future smart car water fuels

However, the GPS itself is no longer popular in the next few years. Future smart cars will be equipped with a variety of advanced composite devices such as GPS, Internet, computers, and software.

Future smart cars will be in charge of detecting traffic, auto parking, and even maneuvering moves to avoid accidents.

Currently, smart cars are being tested to communicate with traffic signals while reading signals from other vehicles. At the world auto show, there are some examples of designs that allow future smart cars to pay more attention to aerodynamics.

The smart car will be produced with zero carbon footprints. In other words, the future smart car is an environmentally friendly car. One example is the Mercedes-Benz F 015. By 2030, this car will be sold and claimed to be able to travel from 0-62 mph in 6.7 seconds. Imagine how fast the movement of this car.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 from outside

Mercedes-Benz F 015 from inside

Apparently, not only excellent facilities are provided, but also convenient. When you are in the car, you just sit back and no longer need to drive. This future smart car is designed to run and stop automatically. You just relax and chat with your family. Computers do everything for you.

For additional information, this smart car is facilitated with auto drive, satellite, Internet, digital transmission, as well as soft computer devices. Experts also ensure that future smart cars will rarely crash.

Technology is something that will continue to run, year after year will pass. And technology will progress even better. However, have you ever thought of a flying car? How does it feel to drive a flying car?

According to the Source, driving a flying car is no longer a dream for those who live in the next 30 years from now. This flying car is called Terrafugia (TF-X).

Flying cars Terrafugia TF-X

Today, TF-X has been designed and is being developed. And of course, it has also been tested. The TF-X car is expected to run about 200 to 500 miles per hour. Incredibly, this flying car uses the fuel produced by the turbine.

Do you wonder how much it costs? One source mentions that TF-X is worth $ 280,000. it’s very expensive, isn’t it? But it is very appropriate for the superb facilities provided. Living in this modern era, we cannot be separated from technology. It cannot be denied that technology facilitates human’s life.

However, there will definitely be a positive and negative impact on this. And, as individuals who still need to occupy the planet, it is our duty to always preserve the nature.

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