The First Human Head-Transplant, Sergio Canavero.

The First Human Head Transplant, Sergio Canavero.

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Recently, we were very surprised to hear the news about the world’s first human head transplant by an Italian expert surgeon named Sergio Canavero.

Canavero announced that he had performed an operation on a bear’s head composed of human flesh and was filled with blood and bones. Doctor Canavero describes this as if you had a teddy bear. But your dog tore his head. And your child is crying because the doll is her favorite.

head transplant Sergio Canavero

And here, all you can do sews the head again. And you can’t say what you just did as a ‘wild success’. “Therefore, here I am, to operate, fix something that’s broken”. Doctor Canavero said.

In an interview with USA Today, Canavero condemned America and Europe’s reluctance to be willing to host the operation. Emotionally, he says that there are no medical institutions in America and Europe that are willing to support head transplant surgery.

Actually, there is absolutely no desire of the American government to approve it. This is inversely proportional to the Chinese government, which strongly supports Canavero’s crazy idea.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is very interested and willing to make China a place where operations will be held. As the host, China will also provide financial support.

Canavero in China, head transplant

Canavero also explained that “Chinese President Xi Jin-ping wants to restore China’s greatness, he wants to make China the only superpower in the world and I’m sure he can do it.” He said confidently.

When Canavero was asked further, he was reluctant to tell the identity of the donor. To be sure, donors must be healthy and are brain-dead patients. Donors should also have a disease-free head. So later, the donor will be correct when we connect it to the recipient.

This human head transplant operation is estimated to cost US$100 million. And of course, it will also involve several dozen surgeons as well as several other specialist doctors. USA Today reports that Canavero actually has a volunteer. A crippled Russian man named Valery Spiridonov.

The procedure of head transplant surgery to be performed is as follows:

head transplant-graphic procedure

During the operation, the recipient and donor will be placed in a sitting position for more than 24 hours. And then we will connect the vertebral spine, jugular vein, trachea, esophagus and other neck structures.

The recipient will be assisted breathing, and blood is pumped throughout the body with the machine. Patients will faint in a drug-induced coma for an unspecified recovery time. Until all the body system back to normal.

Meanwhile, Assya Pascalev, a Biomedical Ethicist at Howard University, Washington, DC, was among those who opposed the operation. She revealed that there would be many risks if a human head transplant operation could still be performed.

assya pascalev

She also talks about regulatory issues, where China does not have the same standards and medical requirements as in Europe and the United States. Furthermore, Pascalev added, there will be many unanswered questions about the recipient, even if the operation is successful.

A big question as to whether the recipient will have legal rights over the children produced by the new body. And it’s not just about heads that adjusting to new bodies, but also the possibility that we’re all dealing with new people and new personalities.

After hearing this statement, Canavero immediately ignored it. He considers that western biotechnology must stop demanding the world. He also added that China’s initiative to host the operation reflects China’s determination to make China the world’s superpower in all areas of expertise.

head transplant Sergio Canavero

Canavero’s crazy idea is believed to really change the world. If this operation runs, many heads will appear and then be connected to the new body.

Most medical experts say “This is a madness shot”!

But even if the operation works, the biggest hurdle may not be from the science itself. But to a question “Does it have to happen at all?”.

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