5 Tricks Restaurant Menu to Trap You.

5 Tricks Restaurant Menu to Trap You.

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To sell more food, the restaurant has its own secret tricks written on the restaurant menu. 5 Tricks that are deliberately set up to trap you to spend more.

Have you ever wondered why every time you spend in a restaurant, you have to pay more for the food you ordered? In fact, some foods tasted the same as in the cafeteria. In the restaurant, the price is more expensive because the food has been modified as a restaurant style. The answer lies in your own psychology.

Restaurants have a way to manipulate their customers to spend more than they should. This trick can drive you crazy, hungry, tasteful, and restless if you do not spend more and more.

Trik jitu menu restoran

I do not recommend you to stop eating at restaurants. In today’s lifestyle, eating in a restaurant is something you should do. Well, at least once a week you will spend for it.

At the same time, I also do not mean to blame the restaurant. They run a business (remember, business will definitely receive the bill). And paying bills is not easy. Because you have to do it carefully.

What I mean here, for those who like to spend in the restaurant, to be more careful while browsing the menu. Limit yourself from the uncomfortable feeling of “hungry eyes”.

Here are 5 tricks restaurant menu to get you to spend more:

5. Photos

photos of food in the restaurant

By putting an interesting photo, the menu will look perfect. Photos of food placed on the menu are believed to trigger your appetite. Just like you see real food in front of you.

You will feel hungry and want to eat right away. Food experts called Rapp often worn restaurant owners not to overestimate every photo on every menu. Because one photo per page itself can increase sales up to 30%.

4. Give the authentic name (original) on the menu

zuppe restaurant trap you

Many restaurants decide to give real names on their food menu. The authentic name is believed to give the impression of original and classy. Thus, the restaurant can raise its price according to the assumption that the food is authentic.

As for ethnic terms such as Zuppe and In-salad (soup and salad in Italian), it’s used as a hoax to sound like you’re getting something special. But it’s really just the usual soup and salad. The only difference is that the cost of Zuppe is much more expensive than the Soup as it is considered original.

3. Increase Wine Prices

increase wine prices

For those who are wine lovers, you will definitely order a bottle of wine while you are at the restaurant. Surely, you will not spend much for it. But at least, you will choose the second wine in the list (which is believed will not make you look cheap). The thing is, the restaurant already knows what you think.

So they raised the price of wine much more expensive than it should. You will spend more money without even you knowing it. Actually, the price of wine you ordered may be much cheaper than the cheapest one on the menu.

2. Manipulates your mind with numbers

restaurant menu manipulate with numbers

Psychologically, numbers can affect the human mind. And this trick turned out to be widely used the restaurant to make a profit. For example, when an odd number marks the price of an item, you will automatically assume that the price is lower than the actual one.

Technically, 9.95 is cheaper than 10 (but not many, of course). Magically, your brain will react differently. You would interpret it as 9 instead of 10. That’s why restaurants mark their food prices just below the round number. So that your brain will believe it is not expensive.

1. Anchoring items

anchoring items restaurant menu

This trick is commonly called anchoring. The restaurant will place an expensive plate beside the most expensive food they have. So customers will choose the expensive ones believed to be the right choice. Indeed, if the two things were compared.

Unfortunately, you are already in the trap of buying their expensive food. In this way, the restaurant makes its own profit. This anchor item is like a plate of seafood (lobster), which is actually the restaurant itself does not care whether they sell it or not (because the price is too high).

Intentionally, they include lobsters on the menu just to compare it with other expensive foods (which they actually want to sell). So that costumers will be interested to order it. For example, a US$100 Angus beef steak looks good compared to a plate of US$200 lobster next to it.

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