5 habits that can damage your brain

5 Habits That Can Damage Your Brain.

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A healthy brain is our way of life. Lifestyle habits that we unconsciously practice do turn out not only damage our brain but also make it work more slowly. A healthy lifestyle not only changes our body, It changes our mind, attitude, and mood.

The brain is a vital part of the human body. Our body movements and actions we do are messages from the brain. It also regulates our body functions like heart rate, blood pressure, fluid balance, and temperature.

Do you know that the earth most complex biological structure has billions of nerve cell interconnected to each other? Imagine how this neural network relies on our habits in order to be efficient.

According to the report, published by New in Health, US Department of health and sciences. The biology of how we develop routines that may be harmful to us and breaking these routines and embracing new ones could help us change our lifestyles and adopt healthier behaviors.

Here are 5 bad habits that can damage your brain:

5. Consume Too Much Sugar.

Consume too much sugar

Consuming too much sugar can lead to disruption of protein and nutrient absorption. As a result, there is a nutritional imbalance that will interfere with brain development.

4. Think Hard in Sickness.

 Think hard in sickness.

Working too hard or forcing your minds into a state of illness can cause excessive fatigue in the brain and reduce the effectiveness of the brain. This can make your brain to damage slowly.

3. Rarely Communicate.

Rarely communicate

Communication is needed as one means to spur the ability of the brain work. Communicating intellectually can trigger optimal brain function. Rarely communicating will cause the intellectual ability of the brain to become poorly trained.

2. Smoke.


Toxic chemicals in exposed cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide, will inhibit the ability of the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body including the brain, resulting in rapid brain shrinkage.

Nicotine can also lower levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and increase levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. As a result, fat transport is disrupted to clog blood vessels and block the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Smoking can also cause Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Skip breakfast.

Skip breakfast

Those who usually do not eat breakfast will have low blood sugar levels. As a result supply of nutrients to the brain becomes less.

The brain also needs to “eat” in order to work optimally. Breakfast is very important to maintain the health of your brain.

Author: Dina Belia

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