5 Uncontacted Tribes of Our Time.

5 Uncontacted Tribes of Our Time.

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Isolated tribes are those who live in their community either by the state of an affair or by choice. These people have remained isolated for many years and prefer to continue for some good reasons. These tribes are officially referred as “uncontacted”.

There are estimated 120 uncontacted tribes still exist on this earth. One common respective government view about these tribes that they lack immunity to new diseases which globally civilized population are resistant to it

While some say it is the time that these tribes should assimilate into mainstream culture, others say it is important for humanity that these people exist as they are the last free people on this planet.

Here are the five tribes who remained isolated in the earth:

5). Korubo


The Korubo, are an indigenous people of Brazil living in the lower Vale do Javari in the western Amazon Basin.

Explorer refers them as ‘clubbers’, their main weapon for hunting is club and poison darts. They live inside communal huts called malocas and don’t practice any religion. However, some unknown reasons these group practice infanticide.

4). Macho-Piro

macho-piro peru

The Macho Piro, are an indigenous people of nomadic hunter-gatherers who inhabit the remote regions of the Amazon rain-forest.

Attempts made to visit these tribes did not go well. In fact, a local guide named Nicolas Flores, who was found dead six days later with a bamboo-tipped arrow stuck in his heart, is believed to have been killed by members of the Macho-Piro tribe.

The Peruvian government has banned contact with the Macho-Piro for fear that tribe has been in isolated for so long that even common cold could wipe them out.

3). Pintupi (Aboriginal), Australia

Pintupi (Aboriginal), Australia

Pintupi, are the aboriginal group who live in the remote part of the western desert of Australia. They were among the last Aboriginal Australians to leave their traditional lifestyle. However, some of them still remain to be un-contacted with mainstream Australian people.

2). Ruc people

Ruc people

Ruc people, The Rục people are a sub-ethnic group within the Chut people living in central Vietnam.

Vietnamese government made several attempts to assimilate but they remain to choose isolated and follow their practices and There religious belief is non-sentient objects, like trees, rivers, and animals, possess a spirit or life force.

1). The Sentinelese, North Sentinel Island (Andaman Nicobar Island)

The Sentinlese, North Sentinel Island (Andaman Nicobar Island)

The Sentinelese people live on the Andaman Islands called North Sentinel.  There are estimated around 200 people living on this island.

Sentinelese are primarily hunter-gatherer and their weaponry consists of javelins and a type of flatbow. At least three varieties of arrows, apparently for fishing and hunting, and untipped ones for shooting warning shots, have been documented.

Last tragic incident happened in 2006, Sentinelese archers killed two fishermen who were fishing illegally for mud crabs within range of the island. There’s no telling how long the Sentinelese will remain isolated from the developing world.

Author: Sherin Williams


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