5 Unknown things about McDonald's

5 Unknown Things About McDonald’s.

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McDonald’s, largest fast-food restaurant, serving 69 million customers with franchises around the globe. One Interesting fact, if you live in the United States, you cannot stay far 115 miles from McDonald’s. You will surely find another one, right in front of you.

For fast food lovers, you would surely know how delicious McDonald’s fried chicken is. And for some of them, It can be simply irresistible not to have those nuggets after seeing the menu. Today, many people include fast food into their daily diet.

However, there are some hidden facts behind the scenes that you may not know. Here, we will share you some of those things.

Here are 5 unknown things about McDonald’s:

5. Hard-Burn Calorie Foods

Hard-Burn Calorie Foods

You must walk for more than an hour to burn calories from Big Macs, super-sized cola, and French fries. If you don’t do this after a meal, those calories will be hard to digest in your body, accumulate, and become bad trans-fat.

Do not consume this type of food every day, if you do not want to get obesity, heart attack, and other chronic diseases.

4. Employers mean No Fast Food

Employers mean No Fast Food

Based on one source, McDonald’s advises its workers to avoid fast food. McDonald’s also conducts training to provide information about the dangers of fast food, especially if people consume it every day.

With love, McDonald’s provides this training for free. But remember, this is for the workers only. If you are not a worker, you are expected to eat them daily.

3. McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace

McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace

There is McDonald’s franchise that belongs to the queen. When Her Majesty bought a retail complex near to Windsor Castle, it also encompassed a drive-through of McDonald’s.

The Queen of England owns a McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace as part of her vast estate portfolio

2. Feeds 68 Million People in a Day

Feeds 68 Million People in a Day

McDonald’s restaurant feeds 68 million people a day. This number is more than the entire UK population. Imagine how popular fast food is.

In today’s life, people cannot be far from McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. Food experts say that modern society is people who are always busy with their work.

They do not have time to cook, and they end up choosing fast food as their lifestyle. Unfortunately, it becomes a habit. They know it’s not healthy, but they do not think that far. Most importantly, the taste of fast-food fried chicken is good, and certainly faster.

1. Earn US$75 Million Per Day

Earn US$75 Million Per Day

McDonald’s is the most successful fast food restaurant in the world. This fast food restaurant has opened many branches and franchises in every country in the world.

Therefore, McDonald’s earns about US$ 75 million per day. If we calculate the total amount for monthly, McDonald’s could earn about US$ 2250 million.

Can you imagine how much Donald’s income per year?

Author: Adam Nicholas


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