5 surprising facts about Aliens

5 Surprising Facts About Aliens.

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You will not be surprised about aliens. Indeed, most of us are familiar with aliens either reading UFO experience of someone in news or watching movies. Though some may debate about aliens existence, there are interesting theories and research on its physiology.

Aliens are extraterrestrial life, who don’t originate from the earth. While some research and study show that they look more like humans while others have the different point of view. But the one common scientific belief is that life may have emerged independently at many places throughout the universe.

This also makes the scientific community to agree that aliens undergone evolution process is similar to that of humans.

5). Evolved With The Natural Selection Process.

Evolved with The Natural Selection Process.

This is based on Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection which describes the process in which organisms that are most suitable for their environment tend to survive and then passes on their genes to their offspring.

Just as the earth has undergone human evolution for billions of years, other planets can also pass through the same thing. But there will be some differences in how the particles are composed and depends on the conditions and atmosphere on that planet.

According to scientists from Oxford University,  like humans, the aliens will also pass through the process of natural selection to become bigger and stronger over time.

4). Consists Of Cells That Resemble Humans

Consists of Cells that Resemble Humans

Sam Kelvin, one of Oxford’s researchers, said: “There are hundreds of other planets inhabited in our own galaxy, and we cannot tell whether we live alone on this earth, or not.” This occurs when single cell organisms develop into organisms that are composed of cells. Or when primate societies are formed, which eventually create mankind.

“Just as you and I are made up of cells, which are also core cells and mitochondria (the respiratory machinery of the cell) consists of genes, alien will also be similar”, Kelvin said.

He also gave a statement about the possibility of aliens that are not made of cells like humans. However, it is more likely to consist of something that once lived free, and it will be formed into a part, which then turns into a material derived from aliens.

That means, even though aliens can also grow like humans, that does not mean they really are human. There will be many differences between the two. Aliens may not have either two legs like humans, or may not even have legs at all.

3). Breathing With Inhalation Of Nitrogen

Breathing with Inhalation of Nitrogen

In the respiratory system, there will be differences between aliens and humans. Aliens can breathe by inhaling the nitrogen formed from silicon. This is certainly different from humans who inhale oxygen and are formed from carbon.

2). Live Under Frozen Oceans

 Live under Frozen Oceans

A scientist who once worked at NASA also mentioned that aliens might be able to live under frozen oceans, which means below zero temperature on earth.

1). Look More Like Fish Than Humans

Look more Like Fish than Humans

Some scientists still believe that there are many planets that can be inhabited in the universe and the ocean can still cover those mysterious planets. This raises another speculation that aliens may look more like fish than humans.

(The study, published in the International Journal of Astrobiology).

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