5 Reasons Women Can't Cook Also Worth Marrying.

5 Reasons Women Can’t Cook Also Worth Marrying.

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To bring the relationship to the next level is called marriage, a man must have several reasons and criteria. In modern life, women are busy at work and some don’t even know how to cook. But, are they also worth marrying? The answer is, yes they are.

Generally, men dream of getting women with a complete package. Means, she is not only beautiful or smart, but also must be skilled in the household affairs. For example, she must know how making good food.

Honestly, it may be difficult to find women who are proficient in everything, especially for cooking. If you give them money to shop and do beauty-related business, then you will be surprised at how perfect a woman can do the job.

The question is, where to find a beautiful woman with a heart of gold, but also a master in cooking? Well, if you wait for the perfect woman to be your bride, then you may have to wait a thousand years or even you probably will not get married at all.

After all, what’s wrong with marrying a woman who does not know how to cook? The 5 explanations below will make you understand that women who can’t cook are also worthy of marriage.

5. The purpose of Marriage is to find The Wife, not Looking for The Maid

The Purpose of Marriage is to find a Wife, not looking for a Maid

Someone wants to get married because he wants to find a wife – looking for a partner to share life and spend together in the ups and downs. And remember, the wife is not a maid.

For those who have a desire to marry a diligent woman because he wants to have a neat and clean house or those who just want to marry a good cooking woman because he wants to eat a delicious meal every day.

At some point, he must change the perspective and criteria to find the bride. After all, you have no intention to enslave your wife at home, do you? The perfect home is when couples can work together every day and in all conditions.

Initially, if your wife can’t cook, you should give her a chance to practice, send her to a cooking class or if you are good at cooking, you can teach her in your own way and be patient.

4. If She can’t Cook, She must have Other Good Skills

If She cannot Cook, She must have Other Good Skills

Some say that love comes from eye to heart, there is also a belief that love starts from the tongue to the heart. However, true love can come from anywhere without looking at the background. For example, there is a sense of comfort when you are close to someone. Because love is a mysterious thing and there is no requirement for who you fall in love with.

Therefore, cooking is not a standard requirement for marrying women. Because, although she does not know how to cook good food, surely there must be other good skills she can do, such as photography, design or even good financial analysis skills.

Nothing is perfect because God created man with all its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe, in the first year of marriage, she can’t cook good food for you. But, in time she may become a master in cooking if you give her a chance to learn. Who knows?

If she loves you, she will learn hard enough to make good food, so you will be happy. Conversely, if you really love her, then you must accept the first strange dish that may taste worse than the worst food ever. Just imagine it tastes good, so she’ll try harder tomorrow.

3. Creating Many Memories Together

Creating Many Memories Together

Poor cooking skills should not get any complaints. If you can see deeper, actually a lot of sweet memories that can be shared together.

There are no memories when you taste good food from an expert hand, but you and she can still share the story together in a funny way. For example, when she makes hard bread, burnt omelets, big and terrible noodles – they can be funny jokes and remain in your memory.

A failed cooking experiment can be a fun joke for both of you. In fact, you and she can replay the memories as you both come back down to the kitchen at a later time. But then she can make delicious food for the family. And you both will laugh at how it was in the past.

2. Marriage is Building a Family Home, Not Building a Restaurant

Getting married is Building a Family Home, not Building a Restaurant

In today’s lifestyle, women may still have trouble distinguishing between galangal and ginger. In fact, many of them still do not know the name of the spices.

However, men should realize that the purpose of marriage is to build a family home, not build a restaurant. So, having good cooking skills is not an absolute requirement to be a good wife.

1. She can make you happy in other ways

She can Make you Happy in Other Ways

Women, who do not know about mixing spices, will not make you happy with the results of her cooking. However, here’s where you can see how she’s trying hard enough to make you happy in other ways.

Isn’t she always there for you in times of joy and sadness beyond her ability to create cuisine? Or isn’t her presence in your life much more valuable than the most delicious food anywhere in the world?

And if you think the answer is correct, then she can be a good wife even though she can’t cook delicious food. She will spend her whole life with you and be completely faithful to you.

Author: Adam Nicholas

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