5 Ferocious Facts of Tyrannosaurus-Rex

5 Ferocious Facts Of Tyrannosaurus-Rex

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The Earth, we live and cherish that no superior living being is as great as humans, was also belonged to living monsters once ruled with no mercy.

This predator is no other than Tyrannosaurus-Rex (T-Rex) and the word Rex means ‘King’ in Latin. Such a fierce giant lizard will make us wonder about its special traits that created better advantages over other predators.

One could have experienced its appearance in the famous movie ‘Jurassic Park’ that may engross us with wild imagination of its character. But in reality, this iconic and notorious animal have the amazing cruelty and craziest killing ability among any other dinosaurs of its time. All these facts will definitely make us think twice before any attempt to clone this killing machine.

5. Bite Force

The strong bite

Scientists at Liverpool University have found that T-Rex has the strongest bite force compared to any other carnivores that ever lived on earth.

T-rex bites force

According to well-defined research, T-Rex bite strength can reach 60 thousand Newtons. As an illustration, Lion, the cruelest predator in the world as of today, has a bite force of 4400 newtons.

In comparison to bite force of a T-Rex, this is about 13 times more than an average adult lion. With this bite force, our strongest part of the bone will be chewing gum for them.

4. Eating Habits

T-rex eating habits

It is believed that these predators can eat up to 230 kilograms of meat at a time. Its prey includes Triceratops and Edmontosaurus whose bones gets crushed by T-Rex during the killing process.

Although Triceratops are herbivores, it was definitely not a weak animal. This dinosaur is also known for its skin that was as thick as steel, and its sharp horns made the predators frightened. However, this does not apply to T-Rex. Triceratops was indeed T-Rex favorite lunch.

3. It Detects Prey When It Moves

T-rex run fast

T-Rex’s vision is based on the movement of an object. No matter how small its prey, T-Rex will instantly find if it moves. If prey wants to hide from it, they have to do it very slowly.

T-rex runs speed

Another amazing trait, T-Rex also has an incredible speed to run. Researchers estimate this dinosaur king could run up to speeds of 21 mph. This is quite fast considering the heavy T-Rex weight.

2. Hunting In Groups

T-Rex Sometimes hunting in groups

T-Rex has always been described as a loner and does not like socializing. At times, they were known to attack in groups. Especially, when smaller T-Rex(s) were hunting large prey.

A team of paleontologist unearthed two tyrannosaur track marks in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. They discovered a patch filled with footprints from multiple dinosaurs, including tyrannosaurs, other small theropods, and duck-billed dinosaurs called hadrosaurs.

After close inspection of these tracks, the team has concluded that hadrosaurs could have been hunted down by two tyrannosaurs.

1. T-Rex May Be Revived

dna dinosaurs

Undoubtedly, It will be intimidating to see this big beast walking again on our earth. In order to revive this animal, scientist required to have DNA from an extinct fossil that should be intact but so far paleontologist only managed to get the dinosaurs DNA from the bone, which is damaged extensively over the period of time.

The oldest and undamaged DNA recovered so far belongs to a 700,000-year-old horse from the frozen Klondike gold fields in Yuko, Canada.

Scientists have proposed that DNA can survive as long as a million years, but definitely not more than 5 million years, but the dinosaurs DNA belongs 65 million years. In addition to this, Dinosaurs DNA has a half-life of 500 years. This means that half of the DNA material will degrade after 500 years.

However, there is some brilliant idea showcased in the movie ‘Jurassic Park’,  in which scientists recovered Dino blood sample from the mosquito that was intact inside amber (hardening part of resin from the tree).

This idea worked for the movie but in reality, there is a challenge to uncover the missing pieces of dinosaurs DNA. For all those who want to see real T-Rex, we may need to wait for some more unknown time.

Author: Adam Nicholas

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