5 War Crimes Are Forgotten, But Most Sadistic.

5 War Crimes Are Forgotten, But Most Sadistic.

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War happens because of the human desire to control the situation and want to be the ruler. The war has been going on for thousands of years, and ironically, it has become a terrible human habit.  Some war crimes are forgotten, but very sadistic.

Millions of people alive and children have been killed in a way that does not make sense. From historical records, we already know about World War I and World War 2, led by Hitler and Stalin. Both of these killer engines are proven to eliminate millions of human lives at once.

Unfortunately, in our current era, war is still going on. Today, we must know about the Vietnam war until the Palestinian-Israeli incident happened continuously. In addition to the mainstream wars above, there are still some sadistic wars that have occurred in the world.

This war can be categorized as the most cruel crimes committed by mankind. Unfortunately, this war is forgotten and is not written in the history books of school education. Here is a list of the most frightening war crimes ever.

5. The Rape of Belgium

The Rape of Belgium

In August 1914, during the first days of the German attack on France via Belgium, atrocities were committed against Belgian civilians by German soldiers.

During the first months of the battle, circumstances changed from bad to worse, among others, the burning of the medieval libraries at the University of Louvain, the murder of hundreds of civilians and the destruction of major possessions in Walloon (in French) the towns of Dinant and Tamines.

The rape of Belgium is one of the darkest war crimes that occurred in Europe during the first world war. This crime was committed by German troops who happened to attack full-scale Belgium to expand its territory.

From this incident, the German army reportedly committed the killing of civilians in a terrible way. Civilians were ordered to face the wall and then they were shot from behind.

The Rape of Belgium

The Rape of Belgium

In Belgium a period of occupation began, in which the small country was thoroughly looted, deprived of its industrial capacity and even part of its labor force. In many ways the four years of German occupation of Belgium can be seen as a foreshadowing of things to come in the Second World War.

At least more than 6,000 people were treated and killed in this cruel manner. The majority of victims were children and women. For female victims, these soldiers usually perform immoral acts first, such as rape until they are satisfied. After that, the poor woman who has been harassed with her honor is slaughtered without guilt.

4. The Katyn Massacre

The Katyn Massacre

Katyn Massacre was one of the most horrific war crimes cases that occurred in Europe during World War II. At that time there were as many as 22,000 Poles who must be willing to feel the pain of human slaughter.

They were arrested and killed by firearms. The reason for this massacre was to exacerbate the current war situation. The tragedy of the massacre was initially blamed on the Nazis who aggressively destroyed the race of mankind.

But in 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev opened a big secret. The massacre was carried out by the Soviet Union (Russia). The executioners in this massacre were the NKDV or the Soviet secret police.

The Katyn Massacre

During April-May 1940, the Polish prisoners were moved from their refugee camps and taken to three execution sites. The place most identified with Soviet atrocities is Katyn Forest, located 12 miles west of Smolensk, Russia.

Over the years, historians have assumed that the grounds of the NKVD rest and recreation facility were both an execution and the burial site for nearly a fifth of the unfortunate Poles who found themselves in Soviet captivity.

The Post-War Cold War Revelation, however, shows that the victims were shot in the basement of the NKVD headquarters in Smolensk and at a slaughterhouse in the same city, although some may have been executed in a location in the forest itself.

After all, the Katyn Forest – and probably will remain for a long time – the ultimate symbol of cruelty, even if it was not the actual killing field.

The latest historical research shows that 700-900 victims are Polish Jews. Ironically, the Germans know this, and this complicates the historical attempt to describe cruelty as a “Bolshevik-Jewish conspiracy” – an anti-Semitic propaganda.

3. War in Darfur

War in Darfur

Darfur is one of the most conquered areas in Sudan. The “Darfur Genocide war” refers to the current mass slaughter and rape of Darfuri men, women, and children in Western Sudan. The killings began in 2003, as the first genocide in the 21st century.  Unrest and violence persist today.

At least 13 years of conflict have occurred over 380,000 people have died. Ironically, the new government only preaches 10,000 people who have died from the war. In addition to many deaths, three million people must also be evacuated to avoid deadly attacks.

War in Darfur

The genocide is being carried out by a group of government-armed and funded Arab militias known as the Janjaweed (which loosely translates to ‘devils on horseback’).

The Janjaweed systematically destroys Darfurians by burning villages, looting economic resources, polluting water sources, and murdering, raping, and torturing civilians. These militias are historic rivals of the main rebel groups, the Sudanese Liberation Movement (SLM), and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

This conflict has survived until now and the number of victims will continue to grow. As of today, over 480,000 people have been killed, and over 2.8 million people are displaced.

2. Deir Yassin Massacre

Deir Yassin Massacre

The Deir Yassin Massacre was a terrible massacre that occurred in 1948. At that time, the Zionist groups Irgun and Lehi committed military aggression to the Arab village of Deir Yassin. 6,000 residents were arrested and tortured in a terrible manner. Some were even killed while marching on the streets of Jerusalem.

The attack and bloodshed started approximately at 3 at dawn, but the two Zionist groups were met with armed resistance that also led to the death of four attackers and the injury of 32 others.

After that, terrorists of Ergun and Stern called for help from the “Hagana” leadership in Jerusalem, and once more, armed terrorists arrived, many carrying automatic machine guns, they started firing on the villages, including women, elderly and children, and managed to retrieve their dead and wounded.

Deir Yassin Massacre

By noon, all forms of Deir Yassin’s resistance were eliminated, then Stern and Ergun’s terrorists began blowing up the village house, one after the other, with dynamite. Many villagers were detained, forced to face the wall and executed on the spot, and the terrorists, then load cars and trucks with Palestinians caught in the village.

At least 250-350 people are reported to have died in this absurd incident. The most victims in this massacre were children and the elderly. This aggression is an unforgivable war crime. Killing and attacking unarmed civilians violates the rules of war.

1. The Greek Pontic Genocide

The Greek Pontic Genocide

The Greek Pontic Genocide (or the Ottoman Greek Genocide) was the most serious war crime that occurred in the first half of the 20th century. This refers to the systematic extermination of the original Greek subjects of the Ottoman Empire before, during and after World War I (1914-1923).

This war was instigated by two successive governments of the Ottoman Empire. The Committee on Union and Progress of the Party (C.U.P), and the Turkish Nationalist Movement Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This genocide included massacres, forced deportations and death rallies.

When the first world war was ignited and enlarged in Europe, many Greek Orthodox Christians had to be willing to face their deaths quickly. They were hunted and killed for no apparent reason.

The Greek Pontic Genocide

The first stage of the Greek Genocide began in the spring of 1914 in Eastern Thrace and western Anatolia when the Turks were ordered to boycott Greek businesses.

Hundreds of thousands of Greeks from this area were also deported. With the outbreak of the Great War in July 1914, all Ottoman Greek men aged between 21-45 were required to enter the labor camp (or concentration).

Most of these men must perish in terrible conditions after being forced to work all the time with little food or water. These camps also serve as a means to destroy and disarm the Greek community, thus bringing about their ultimate destruction.

From 1914 to 1923 at least one million Christians were slaughtered. They are Anatolian’s occupied by the Turkish army. From this incident, all healthy Greek men were denied out of Turkey and sent into the countryside where most were killed in labor camps or massacred. Millions of people must be willing to slaughter because of their race. Even if they do not get any justice.

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