Rani Padmavati, Queen Who Died in The Fire.

Rani Padmavati, Queen Who Died in The Fire.

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This story is about Rani Padmavati, A.K.A Padmini, Queen of The Chittoor kingdom, Rajput, India. The legend occurred sometime between the 13th-14th centuries, at that time of medieval period, The Kingdom’s capital was Mewar and is located in the present-day town of Chittorgarh. Today, this place is renowned for the royal palaces, fort, and lakes of Northern Indian plains.

5. About Padmavati and her Marriage.

Padmavati is India's Most Beautiful Queen.

Queen Padmini (Rani Padmavati) is described as not only beautiful but also a brave, wise and well-trained warrior.

The early life of Padmavati spent as a princess of the Sinhalese kingdom and her father Gandharvsen was the king of the island kingdom of Sinhala (present-day Sri Lanka).

Padmavati was accompanied by a close friend, a talking parrot, a friendship that her father resented. So, the parrot was ordered to be executed but it somehow escaped and managed to eventually reach the king Ratan Singh, who got impressed with Padmavati’s beauty when the parrot described about her princess.


Ratan Singh came to know about Swayamvar (In ancient, it was a practice of choosing a husband, from among a list of suitors) arranged by Padmavati’s father. Engrossed in her thoughts, he decided to contest in order to marry Padmavati.

The contest was to defeat the designated fighter in the sword battle so that he could marry her. No one knew the fact that it was Princess Padmavati herself in the disguise of the designated fighter.

She fought and lost to King and managed to win the contest and bring Padmavati to his palace as his wife.


4. Kings Nobility and his Weakness.

King Ratan Singh

Meanwhile, In the Chittoor kingdom, people of Rajput lived a peaceful life with prosperity and happiness, and King Ratan Singh, leader of moral, mercy and good wisdom had a weakness in his own actions.

Since he was born and raised in a safe heaven, and never experienced battle in his lifetime, his decisions were naive and unworldly.

On the positive note, King had strong army men with a formidable fortress sprawls over a hill 180 m (590.6 ft) in height spread over an area of 280 ha (691.9 acres) above the plains of the valley drained by the Berach River.


The twist in the tale was started when Raghav Chetan, king’s trusted man, and musician, also king’s advisor who turned to betray him. Apart from his prowess to his music, Chetan was practicing black magic which King abhorred and never expected from someone who he trusted to be clean and more like him. Chetan was banished from kingdom with humiliation.

Angered Chetan came out of the palace by riding a donkey. After this humiliation, Chetan sought to revenge the Rajput kingdom and their King Ratan Singh.

3. Chetan’s Cunning Plan to Incite The Delhi Sultan.

Sultan Allauddin Khilji

Chetan moved to Delhi and decided to meet the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji. 

Knowing the fact that meeting the Sultan was difficult by a normal person, Chetan drafted a plan to encounter Sultan during his routine custom which was deer hunting.

Chetan began to settle down in a forest near Delhi, where the Sultan went for hunting. Patiently, he waited for the Sultan’s troops to arrive.

As soon as the Sultan and his army arrived, Chetan blew flute with mesmerizing music which appealed sultan and asked his men to find out where the sound came from, until finally, troops found Chetan and they immediately took him to the Sultan.

Impressed with his music skills, Sultan asked Chetan to become his royal musician and gladly Chetan accepted that offer. With no second thoughts, Chetan immediately tried to incite the Sultan by turning to say, what Sultan wanted an ordinary musician like him, if there was something far more beautiful to have. In confusion, the Sultan asked what he meant by Chetan’s statement.

Rani Padmavati queen of India

Chetan then explained the beauty of the face and curves of Queen Padmavati. He also dramatized and compared Queen to an angel of heaven. In the end, the Sultan’s desire for women was disturbed.

Finally, Chetan’s cunning plan worked. The Sultan immediately sent his troops to attack the kingdom of Chittoor in Rajput. But he was disappointed to find out Chittoor kingdom had a strong fortress. Sultan knew perfectly that he would not able to destroy the castle. Not losing his senses, he then drew up another plan.

alauddin Khilji sultan

Sultan wrote a letter to the King that he heard about Queen highness and he regarded Queen as his own sister.

In the same letter, he also mentioned that he wanted to meet the Queen directly and requested for permission. King Ratan Singh could not sense any danger and accepted that as an honor.

The King immediately replied to the letter with the agreement and informed him that Queen Padmavati would meet the Sultan with honor.

As a woman, Queen Padmavati knew exactly what Sultan meant to her. She did not want to see the Sultan face to face. Instead, she asked the King to let the Sultan see herself only from the mirror.

2. The Sultan visits Queen Padmavati.

The Sultan Has a Crush on The Queen of Padmavati.

On the appointed day, the Sultan came to the Rajput palace accompanied by one of his best guards.

Upon arrival at the palace, the Sultan’s guard carefully looked around the palace for a crack.

Filled with curiosity, from behind the mirror, the Sultan finally saw the beauty of Queen Padmavati. He then became more convinced that the Queen should fall into his hands. Again, the Sultan devised a new strategy. He asked the King to take him back to the camp where the Sultan stayed. Once they were there, he kidnapped the King and wrote letters to Rajput court officials. Somehow, he thought his new strategy would go smoothly.

The Sultan asked the court to hand over Queen Padmavati in return for the King’s ransom. After receiving a letter, the Rajput General devised a plan and decided to follow the Sultan’s game. They then replied to the letter.

The next day, the Sultan saw the royal troupe coming with a stretcher, which meant the Queen was in it. The Sultan was quite nervous, his emotions flaming up realizing that soon he would meet the Queen who had become his obsession.

When the Sultan was off guard, some of the best troops of the Rajput kingdom suddenly emerged from the stretcher to attack the sultan and his guards. They managed to free the King and brought him safely back to the palace where Queen Padmavati was waiting.

King Ratan Singh and Queen Padmavati

Consciously rigged, the Sultan became very angry. He ordered thousands of his troops head to Rajput kingdom. Standing in front of the royal fortress, the Sultan shouted for the King to come out and confront him directly. He insulted the King as a coward, for only daring to hide behind the palace walls.

Hearing this humiliation, the King’s pride became wounded. In unstoppable emotions and anger, King Ratan Singh ordered the guards to open the palace gates and fight directly to the enemy.

1. Queen Padmavati Jumps into Fire.

Queen of Padmavati

From the beginning, Queen Padmavati predicted if the palace gates had been opened, they would have been defeated by the enemy since the number of armymen at the enemy side outnumbered by thousands.

At first, the Queen Padmavati tried to prevent her husband from taking actions. But the King refused to take any of her advices. For him, self-esteem is always the main thing to be held and protected. Since there was no other choice, the Queen finally ordered all Rajput women to collect a lot of firewood.


Once the firewood was gathered enough, the biggest fire was made in the palace.

Queen Padmavati and Rajput women who wore their best clothes complete with jewelry, one by one jumping into the big fire. This sacrifice is called Jauhar.

Jauhar is an act of suicide by jumping into the fire to defend their self-esteem.

After their women were killed, Rajput men felt helpless and had no purpose in life again. Since then, the Palace gate finally opened. They fought against enemy troops and suffered a crushing defeat. Nothing is left of the Rajput kingdom. Everything was lost after losing the war.

In the end, the Rajput kingdom was conquered. The Sultan achieved a landslide victory and managed to take over the palace. But he could no longer find the Queen Padmavati who had become his obsession.



What he found was the last bones in the fire ofQueen Padmavati and Rajput women who chosen to end their lives to keep their honor. Their sacrifices have been captured in history and also written in golden ink.

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